During more than 30 years we have entered into the heart of the Copper Canyon, we have some things to tell you:

Copper CanyonIt is a system of 7 canyons located in the western Sierra Madre, 4 times more extense than the Great Colorado Canyon and also deeper!
















You may have heard about the Sierra Tarahumara, its name is beacuse this complex of mountains and canyons is the home of the Raramuri or Tarahumara, famous for its beautiful traditions and for being great marathon athletes, some of them still live in caves deep in the canyon.




Chihuahua and Sinaloa states share one of the main atractions in Mexico, the Chepe Train!, Its name refers to its route, it starts in Chihuahua and ends in the Pacific ocean (Che-Pe, spanish pronunciation), and until now it is the only passenger train in Mexico and this is its route:

José Ramos




¿How can I plan my visit?

There are many options to visit Copper Canyon, wheter you prefer lux or adventure, we have an option for you. Let us help you, we are the experts!! Clic and send us an e mail

Or click in reserve and see our different pre established options: 

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